Book Review #11: The Last Flight Written By Julie Clark


The Last Flight acquaints us with two ladies, both running from destructive foes, expecting to vanish everlastingly, to begin another life and abandon the aggravation of their previous lifestyles. These ladies are outsiders yet meet each other in an air terminal, have a beverage together, and afterward exchange their IDs and other significant things, including their boarding passes. From that point they are headed toward an exceptionally new and obscure life. Neither lady truly knows what the other is running from and what they may run toward.


Eva is running from a destructive circumstance, as well. Her life has forever been desolate and troublesome and an instance of terrible judgment during her school years shifted her course from a potential very much regarded profession to something different, something she can never examine with anybody, something that disgraces her. She is the catalyst for the switch of tickets and lives. The two ladies have extreme strength for brilliance all alone, and more courageous than the men in their lives could at any point be aware or concede.

Then, at that point, one of the planes crashes. Claire returned about half a year later and get familiar with Eva’s experience and what drove her to run. Claire’s story is told progressively and she has motivation to accept that Eva never made it on the plane. Authorities currently believe that Claire is dead since the ticket was in her name. Men are searching for the two ladies and their lives are still in harm’s way. This story has you in the heads of the two ladies, trusting they can get away from their previous lifestyles yet realizing that the way is undeniably challenging and the result is in uncertainty.

The reason, I concede is somewhat exciting and unintentional however again the magnificent composition directed me through. The reason is like Strangers on A Train has been utilized before by various writers, Elmore Leonard, Stewart Woods are to that promptly rung a bell. The creator utilizes it just to set the stage and afterward digs into the origin story of the characters. In the event that this is a first book by the writer, I can hardly sit tight for the following one. In the event that you like your spine chillers, financial and quick with solid female characters I enthusiastically suggest this one.

An impeccably built spine chiller that kept me completely submerged in the imaginary dream. This was expected generally to the predominant composing art of the creator. There are two plot lines entwined and advance in substituting parts, major areas of strength for both characters all around understood and simple to pull for. One is for the most part back story yet is sufficiently dynamic to hold my consideration. The history is told in past tense and the forward movement story is told in current state. I was never lost or befuddled by the voices of these two totally different ladies. This book had book begun with a bang and finished with one. I was totally caught off-guard with the consummation. An ideal spine chiller that I was unable to withdraw.

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