Book Review #12: Remaining Human Written By K.B Blank


Remaining Human is the principal book in the Anamorphosis Zero series by K.B Blank. Set in the future where the earth as far as we might be concerned is no more, the new world is controlled by the Sera. They are not human, yet they are unique. Driving the world back to innovation after everything was lost, the Sera are strong figures in the public eye. Sheila realizes they aren’t however decent as they seem to be accepted to be, and her doubts are affirmed when they removed her. Her dad took a book from the Sera library, and she is the installment for that. Fortunately for her (or unfortunately), Sheila is decided to become one of the Sera. The main issue is that Sheila would rather not lose her humankind, not for all the power on the planet. She must choose between limited options. Rather than crying, Sheila chooses to sort out who the Sera are while wanting to safeguard her humankind. Could she?



Staying Human is an incredible story with a youthful female hero that readers will stay with. The second she experiences the Sera, the reader feels her worry, which is well-developed all through the account. Her natural demeanor to address everything sets her on the risky way to tracking down reality and as she is tried with all types of preliminaries, she gets more grounded, and she forms into a certain and decided character on a mission. K. B. Blank’s composition is wonderful and the account voice are serious areas of strength. The exchanges are splendidly composed and the writer succeeds recorded as a hard copy fascinating subtleties into the story — from catching the slightest feelings in characters to intriguing insights regarding the setting. This is a lovely story with a tragic setting, a reality where the Sera take control by utilizing religion to control humankind. I adored Sheila and needed to see her succeed.

The anticipation is weighty in this story, and I cherished it. As a rule, tragic books are either discouraging or are too implausible to possibly be charming. On the other hand, K. B. Blank composes a convincing story that is shockingly engaging without being discouraging or excessively dull. The world-building is incredible, and the portrayals are uncommon. You will feel like you are not too far off close to Sheila as she goes to the Lost City, addresses difficulties that she never expected, and arises successful in any event, when she verges on losing everything. I adored Sheila’s spicy person and humble viewpoint. She realizes she isn’t sufficiently able to cut the Sera down, however she comprehends that she really wants to accumulate data to essentially comprehend what they are. I was humming with fervor the entire time perusing Remaining Human, and I wouldn’t have it differently. I can hardly hold back to see what occurs next in the series. Generally, this makes Remaining Human a must-peruse for oppressed world and sci-fi fans the same, yet most particularly those searching for a cultivated and genuinely thunderous story that lifts the class to its most elevated structure.

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