Book Review #15: Violet Made Of Thorns Written By Gina Chen


Violet Made of Thorns is a dim and enrapturing YA dream novel with foes to darlings sentiment that is a greater number of adversaries than sweethearts. The story is so elegantly composed, and it pulls you in with its vivid composition from the primary pages. A world with sorcery, witches, forecasts, pixies, diviners, and dull powers taking steps to obliterate everything, the story is a sensational and energizing read. It additionally has fantasy energies, and there are a few cunning gestures to works of art like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, which is perfect!



Violet’s sharp endurance sense was relaxed now and again by her human need to open up to cherish, so it was amusing to see her kick back to and fro between needing to kill or kiss cyrus. in any case, the plot was rarely paced out. the start was mind-numbingly slow, then, at that point, whiplashes you toward the end. the rundown is deluding in the sense where violet set off a revile like a bomb when truly, powers unchangeable as far as she might be concerned were the ones controlling violet, as well as the lord. she felt more receptive than proactive, as I would see it. in general, this book’s aggressive reach once in a while surpasses its grip, yet it offers readers of consuming foes to-darlings, a lively particular treat with a glad, aggressive “disagreeable” character.

I adored this book! This book was so remarkable and unique! The primary person Violet was really astonishing. I love seeing characters that aren’t your ideal, make all the difference sort of individual. Cyrus and Camilla were additionally incredible, and don’t even get me going on the sentiment. The foes to-darlings in this book was sooo great! Like I in a real sense couldn’t quit perusing the scenes with Cyrus and Violet. The plot of this book was additionally awesome. It was rarely truly sluggish and it wasn’t so unsurprising to me. Generally speaking this was fabulous!

I think where this book might have utilized improvement is the real dream and world structure. There was such a lot of space for the book and legend to extend to clear up how the world functions in Violet Made of Thorns, yet we remained in a similar setting the whole time and it reached the place where the legend got somewhat irritating. The pacing of the book was likewise somewhat off? Things had a sluggish development for the initial 3/4ths of the book and afterward out of nowhere there were a lot of insane unexpected developments and significant occasions that happened that stunned me and furthermore felt bizarre for specific characters. I have such countless inquiries toward the finish of this book, that I trust will be replied in book 2. I’m actually befuddled about who the very “enormous terrible” is, the means by which precisely Violet’s powers work and how she got them, where certain characters vanished off to, etc.

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