Book Review #18: Fake It Till You Bake It Written by Jamie Wesley


Dominic can barely come to grips with his amazing good fortune when the cupcake showoff is the granddaughter of his football crew’s proprietor. Particularly when he just consented to add her to his staff. Inside her most memorable week, she nearly torches the kitchen, and Dominic blows a gasket. In the wake of saying ‘sorry’ they begin to deal with a fellowship even with sparkles flying.

Jada has been keeping away from a ton: her folks, virtual entertainment, and her grandma. At the point when she coincidentally affronts the proprietor of a cupcake shop, it’s the good to beat all. After he persuades her to attempt the cupcakes being referred to, she observes that they are agreeable yet clearly will not concede that to the agonizing proprietor. At the point when her grandma says that she wants to save a task for a long time to get her a job offer early, she is significantly more shocked when the occupation arranged is at the specific cupcake shop that she offended.


Jada has managed battles for her entire life. Since she was examined to have dyslexia quite early in life, she never satisfied her folks’ assumptions, and it torment her. She has embraced her survival strategies, however it is difficult for her to track down her energy throughout everyday life. At the point when she is with Dominic, he causes her to have a good sense of security and assists her with defeating all the misfortune that has been at her entryway. She gains from him how to act naturally and sorts out her assets all the while.

Dominic has forever been a systematic individual. At the point when he meets Jada, she really stuns him. Being with her assists him with embracing the lighthearted parts of life. There is a recognizable distinction in the manner that he is when meeting Jada, and, surprisingly, his companions believe that it is generally a positive thing. As Dominic figures out how to embrace the friendship shared by Jada, he finds that he needs to articulate his thoughts more to her. He simply needs to sort out some way to make it happen.

At the point when Jada’s past on an unscripted TV drama finds her at the bread kitchen, she rapidly persuades Dominic to be in a phony relationship with her. It is incredible exposure for the shop and furthermore assists Jada with recuperating from her choices on the show. As the two get to know each other, they find that they need more out of the relationship. With meddlesome families and companions, intruding makers, and hot flashes flying, it depends on Dominic and Jada to conclude what they need eventually.

Generally, the book was so great! It has the ideal measure of steam (in the last part), and you truly feel like you know the characters. It was perfect to see both Jada and Dominic finds some peace with the feelings that they were feeling and fabricate a bond as a team. I really trust more books come out showing Dominic’s companions tracking down affection, since I need a greater amount of the characters we met up to this point!

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