Book Review #22: Wealth Your Way Written By Cosmo DeStefano


In reality as we know it where escaping obligation is a far off unrealistic fantasy to so many, previous bookkeeper Cosmo P. DeStefano has refined his impressive skill into ‘Wealth Your Way’: A Simple Path to Financial Freedom. Through practical and wise counsel on the most proficient method to develop your privately invested money to a place where you have some control over your obligations and even resign early, the book offers open guidance and fundamental admonitions to those looking for independence from the monetary limitations that prevent them from getting a charge out of life without limit. I especially valued the creator’s capacity to examine the significant monetary ideas engaged with putting resources into a way that left me, a layman in monetary issues, feeling like I completely comprehended how I expected to make the most out of the monetary framework.



You have no doubt finding out about monetary freedom and its squeezing significance in this day and age. Yet, how could you need to be monetarily free? In ‘Wealth Your Way’: A Simple Path to Financial Freedom by Cosmo P. DeStefano, the creator talks as a matter of fact as a CPA and duty specialist. Shockingly, the creator shares that the hardest difficulties he has experienced are not viewed as in the expert world yet rather at home showing his kids cash matters and that the greatest test was not the educating — it was the learning. This book is considered to assist you with figuring out how making arrangements for cash matters can arm you in crossing life’s turbulent excursion. It starts by giving you a guide to diagram your monetary course and works by acquainting you with the components of monetary education like self multiplying dividends, market returns, and unpredictability, as well as the provisos on entering the universe of speculations.

‘Wealth Your Way’ examines a deep rooted procedure for creating and keeping up with the financial stability vital for independence from the rat race, mincing no words about the unreasonable idea of transient plans to get rich. Cosmo P DeStefano has conceived a methodology that spotlights on slow development with routine upkeep to accomplish manageable and reasonable outcomes. A significant center lays out the text as one established in the insight of involvement and sets Wealth Your Way up as an important asset for those looking to get their monetary future. Regardless of a reader’s involvement in the realm of money management, there is something to be acquired by perusing this book, whether directing you through your most memorable conditional strides in the speculation world or assisting with refining your current venture methodology.

‘Wealth Your Way’ is a book for anyone with any interest at all in their monetary future. Cosmo P. DeStefano assists us with figuring out this perplexing subject and gives us another point of view. For instance, I had never contemplated beginning with my objectives to accomplish my independence from the rat race (as the writer encourages us to do), and I should say this was awe-inspiring – and I was exclusively toward the start of the book! I likewise valued that the writer urges us to frame our own viewpoint in light of what we have perused. It isn’t sufficient to peruse Wealth Your Way once to figure out it; you ought to concentrate on it to accomplish what every one of us wants – monetary autonomy and the opportunity to do the thing we love most. I accept a writer can’t offer a more prominent gift to his readers.

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