Book Review #28: We Made It All Up Written By Margot Harrison


We Made It All Up is about Celeste, a young lady who just moved from Montreal to Montana to get away from her previous life. She meets Vivvy, and from that point both of them structure major areas of strength for a revolve around composing sentimental fanaticism about the most famous person in school, Joss, and the school’s stoner, Seth. These accounts are silly buffoonery until Vivvy continues to attempt to get Celeste to transform their accounts into the real world, and the night they attempt, Joss winds up dying with Celeste having no recollections of what occurred and possibly being the last individual to see Joss alive. In attempting to find what truly happened that evening, Celeste understands that everybody around has dim mysteries prepared to become exposed, including Joss and her new companion Vivvy.



This book gets going with the homicide of a high school kid, then bobs among ‘then’ and ‘presently’ to bring the plot round trip. I think it was a decent composing decision and aided promptly to get the reader, while giving snippets of data until the secret meets up. Celeste is a fascinating primary person, she’s the new young lady in an unassuming community where everybody knows one another and is exploring the outcome of rape simultaneously. Celeste involves fan-fiction as an approach to adapting to her injury and these more obscure and sensible components gave the book the knock it expected to stick out.

The story just shows Celeste’s side, so as she’s beginning to hear individuals discuss her and think she assumed a part in Joss’ demise, we as the readers don’t know whether we can trust her. That sensation of vulnerability makes the plot really astonishing and I was pulling for Celeste to assemble all that about what happened that evening. I figure the creator worked effectively making me question everybody and keeping in mind that the uncover wasn’t absolutely surprising, it wasn’t the very thing I thought by the same token.

I partook in the real secret/story, at various times! I was anxious to realize what mysteries Celeste was keeping, and furthermore, what in the world (or who on earth) happened to Joss. Clearly I can’t get too into that part, for spoiler reasons, yet Celeste has no clue about what could have happened to Joss, despite the fact that she realizes that she should be one of the last individuals to see him alive. Likewise, this Montana town is… indeed, there’s something else to the entire town besides what might be expected, which obviously will be an issue for Celeste, on the grounds that who could she at any point trust? Could she at any point try and trust herself, since she has no memory of the occasions? Makes for a seriously fascinating secret, and one I was anxious to learn about.

I was snared by the secret of Who-Killed-Joss, both captivated and upset by the wreck these little kids find themselves mixed up with over their secret feelings, appalled by a portion of the practices around here, somewhat damaged by the cavern scenes, and generally around engaged by the entire thing.

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