Book Review #33: If Only You Stayed Written By Callie Ann Frey


In Callie Ann Frey’s If Only You Stayed, Skye Hartman planned to miss her sweetheart. Despite everything, the famous youngster in school had picked her, no one important, and what they had was not shallow; it was profound, valuable. However, in some cases everything necessary is something little to steer what’s in store. She was crushed he was leaving for England, however not set in stone to make it work. In any case, the following call after his takeoff wasn’t one to say he was protected. His plane had crashed, and while he was battered and wounded, he’d made due. Tragically, their relationship had not, He woke with amnesia. Could she at any point revive the recollections taken away, or will another person turn her head while she’s lost?



As I read the book, a piece of me trusted If Only You Stayed depended on a genuine story. Skye’s feelings came through idyllically, and Callie Ann Frey conveyed Skye’s misfortune more intensely than if the person had illustrated her sentiments in more organized composition. The titles over every sonnet gave the reader enough data without uncovering a lot about the substance, and the story moved along at a moderate speed. Flashbacks of the relationship Skye imparted to her beau connected with the reader in the romantic tale, and her sweetheart’s name isn’t referenced until the end, featuring the shortfall of his actual cognizance. I suggest the book for readers over the age of twelve, as a couple of exclamations are tracked down in the story, yet the sentiment and language are for the most part spotless and sweet.

The book by Callie Ann Frey starts when Schuyler, or “Skye”, regrets as her sweetheart leaves to go to class in England. They love each other profoundly, and she is astonished when she gets news that his plane has crashed. Her sweetheart lives, yet he creates amnesia, and the specialists are questionable when, or on the other hand on the off chance that, he will recuperate his memory. Skye is persuaded that she can recapture her beau’s affection, however his absence of memory wears on her. At the point when another kid from Canada shows interest in her, Skye’s feelings tumble, and she contemplates whether she ought to take a stab at a new thing with her Canadian old flame, Louis, or remain with her sweetheart who might in all likelihood easily forget her.

At the point when I search for a book, I frequently wind up needing one that evokes striking and dynamic pictures of the characters, their environmental factors turning into a world for me to submerge myself in with the characters. Callie Ann Frey’s If Only You Stayed doesn’t offer this to a reader. What it offers, in any case, is a story told by the inward speech of the principal character. Each scaled down section, or free-refrain sonnet, centers around the following piece of the story, unfurling in the voice of the person, her considerations, responses, and requests composed for us to peruse. This makes the book exceptional in its show. While I wound up having close to zero familiarity with the world and environmental factors, I got serious areas of strength for an into the person and her battles. It was most certainly a fascinating perused that catches the considerations and cycles that can go through an individual’s psyche. In the event that you extravagant a simple read sentiment that wanderers from standard narrating, this might be exactly the thing you’re searching for.

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