Book Review #37: The 24 Hour Dating Agency Written By Mary Jayne Baker


Tamara has been single since the dad of her youngsters left after her unexpected pregnancy. At the point when she hears from him once more that he is locked in and the new much-more youthful spouse is expecting another child, she promptly doesn’t have any desire to let her kids close. She possibly chooses to pursue the organization when a store accepts that she is the grandma of her girl (before her ex and his new life partner obviously), and she is shocked by the man picked for her. Despite the fact that initial feelings of the man are bad (he’s a ventriloquist), she finds that she appreciates chatting with him. He was additionally able to take the path of least resistance when her young little girl needed to come on the date with her. Could she at any point look past the quick reaction to figure out why the organization picked him for her?

At the point when three companions are tired of being single, they got over a promotion for the 24-Hour Dating Agency. In light of data they see during a gathering and replies to a character test, the organization says that they can find your perfect partner, who they will set up a 24-extended date for you two. In the event that it doesn’t end up working, you can get your cash back. From the get go, Tamara, Milo, and Saffie are troubled, however they choose to join at anyway.



Saffie pursues the organization exclusively to help Milo and to compose a piece for their paper conceivably. She even ventures to such an extreme length as to give a phony name while finishing everything. At the point when she meets her match, she winds up wishing that she had never lied about her name or occupation and on second thought came clean with him. At the point when she is ghosted by him, she feels that she accomplished something wrong until an article comes out depicting their date exhaustively. As she questions all that he told her and she told him, she questions assuming there is any opportunity that the sentiments she had were genuine.

Milo has dated a ton of stinkers, however he thinks he merits somewhat worse than what he’s been finding. At the point when he chooses to attempt speed dating, he finds that he has previously connected with half of the men he met and felt nothing for the other half. He pursues the organization, since he feels like he has depleted his choices as a whole. Causing him a deep sense of embarrassment, he is coordinated with somebody he has proactively met… and dumped after figuring out he had seven chihuahuas. Could he at any point see past his earlier choices and help the other person to too to see whether they are for sure an ideal pair?

I couldn’t actually describe how the characters changed or it will in a real sense offer every one of the exciting bends in the road that made the book astonishing. By and large, I can say that I didn’t see the various things happening that did, which regularly doesn’t occur with romance books. Every one of the principal three need to set to the side their sentiments about connections to conclude what they need from affection and who they need to be with.

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