Book Review #43: In The Pines Written By Kendra Elliot


In The Pines, the third book in Kendra Elliot’s splendid Colombia River series, brings a few natural countenances back together. As Detective Evan Bolton, FBI Agent Mercy Kilpatrick and her significant other Chief Truman Daly meet up to explore two cases. That don’t appear to share anything for all intents and purpose. Aside from the reality the unassuming community of Eagles Nest has been immersed with treasure trackers.

In any case, that isn’t the main issue confronting this triplet as a young man Theodore has moved toward Truman requesting help as his mom Bridget and child sister Molly have been missing for a very long time, and when Mercy is called to assist with the pursuit she creates a frightening disclosure and a world full of unknowns is made open.



I was so satisfied to be back in Mercy’s reality! This new story was brimming with interest and feeling as we follow Evan’s quest for the missing family he didn’t realize he had and Truman and Mercy are up front to help. As these situation transpire there is an expedition around that is causing a ton of unrest and getting more hazardous consistently. 2 million bucks will do that. An extraordinary story that truly raised a ruckus around town and I was unable to put it down.

With a mogul’s sonnet to a fortune persuading numerous to think the little town of Eagle’s Nest, Oregon is ground zero, Truman and his cops are continued to jump with the free for all this causes. Then some fortune trackers turn up dead and the stakes get higher. In the interim, Truman gave off a missing people case to Mercy that pioneers her to a shock. Sheriff’s Deputy, Detective Evan Bolton’s sister vanished quite a while back and it just so happens, she’s been in the space from the start living off network under another name. Her child reports her absent when fourteen days have gone by without a word that she found the sibling she was searching for. The clock is ticking for Mercy and Evan to find his sister and her child while he becomes more acquainted with his more seasoned nephew and niece.

I thought the missing people case and the fortune tracker killings could turn out to be a similar case and, after the subtleties were spread out, the ‘who’ behind it grabbed my eye. However, I didn’t mind since I was eager to follow Mercy, Truman, Ollie, Kaylee, and Evan once more. Kindness and Truman really take a secondary lounge and this is more Evan Bolton’s book which fits with how the Columbia River series is finished. In any case, it seemed like a marvelous gathering for this reader and I flew through this book.

Evan was a repetitive person that I saw incidentally, however he ended up being a decent driving person I delighted in getting to be aware as he opened up to his recently tracked down family and got at the mysteries that were concealed previously and tackle the ongoing homicide. I cherished seeing a recently hitched Mercy and Truman working with him and each other like before. Adored seeing them blissful and settling with their made family and appreciated seeing Ollie and Kaylie resolving what is going on. These are savvy heartfelt anticipation and I value how the characters research and handle the risks of the examination.

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