Book Review #45: Hidden Bones Written By Rita Herron


In the humble community of Crooked Creek, where the Appalachian Mountains move out of sight, nineteen-year-old Mandy’s Spring Break takes a vile turn. Criminal investigator, Ellie Reeves races directly to the scene, passing through the twisting streets to the neglected shelter. Ellie saves the adolescent young lady however finds human remaining parts that have been there for quite some time, since the home for kids shut down. Working constantly looking into it, Ellie looks for the halfway house’s records, yet they have been taken — someone is obviously attempting to cover their tracks. As she meets the inhabitants of the mountain local area, Ellie figures out that nearly everybody associated with the kids’ home has vanished. Then, at that point, a lady is found dead, her body set apart with a peculiar image. At the point when Ellie discovers that the casualty used to work at the shelter, obviously a contorted executioner is attempting to stop reality emerging.



Hidden Bones by Rita Herron is the 6th book in the Detective Ellie Reeves series. Ellie Reeves has a stunning secret to settle this time. Bones are found on the grounds of the long-shut shelter, Hawk House, a halfway house that had been controlled by a brutal, oppressive man. Notwithstanding this cool case Ellie additionally has current homicides to address. Indeed FBI specialist Derrick Fox and Ranger, Cord McClain are Ellie’s robust collaborators on the cases. (By the way from the homicide secret – the connection among Ellie and Derrick and among Ellie and Cord are befuddling in this book. Regularly I truly partake in the heartfelt connections that advance in series however this present circumstance was mistaking and diverting for me in this story.) I felt chilled at the underhanded in this story. This book is a sensational and activity pressed exciting read. I like creator Rita Herron’s voice. She recounts to an extraordinary story here!

Even though this is book 6 in The Ellie Reeves series it truly didn’t make any difference. that I had not perused the past ones, I was attracted right away and kid did the characters simply leap off the page. Ellie specifically is a person with many sides. She is a tough lady and doesn’t pull out of her obligations of all time! She needs equity at practically any expense and nearly her own life.

Secret Bones has an epic plotline that had me captivated from the principal word. Despite the fact that I sorted out who was who and they did what did (no spoilers) I just sorted it out simultaneously as Ellie, which I love as it causes the peruser to feel engaged with the case, more worried for the people in question, an expanded need to see equity done similarly as.

I have not perused Rita Herron previously however I will totally be looking through her out from here onward. Her composing style is splendid and she certainly knows how to compose acceptable characters, imperfections what not. Her plot streamed at an extraordinary speed and I even ended up telling Ellie not to go in there! However, average Ellie, she went at any rate. I was pulling for her constantly. This case was muddled and returned to 30 years. It truly pulls you in and I adored it.

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