Book Review #45: Local Girl missing Written By Lisa Regan


Josie and Noah are returning from their special first night and have pulled off the street because of weighty mist. An individual runs before their vehicle and as Josie and Noah escape the vehicle to examine, they stroll into a wrongdoing underway. Things take off from that point and never stop.
The examination hits a few barriers yet that never stops for Josie or her group. They didn’t go over the detours they go through them! As Josie, Noah, Gretchen and the remainder of the cooperation went nonstop to tackle the case, they observe that nothing is as it appears, risk is hiding around the bend and not every person is clean as they appear to be.



This might well be the best book in the series yet. Josie and Noah are getting back from their much deferred special night when they need to dial right back in thick haze. A young lady stumbles into the street before their vehicle. They pull up and find a man choking another young lady. He runs off and Josie gives pursue. Not long before he leaps off a precipice into a furious stream Josie sees sheer fear all over. He would prefer to kick the bucket than be gotten. It is past the point of no return for the main young lady yet they in all actuality do have one more young lady to find. The two were voyaging together en route to work at a nearby lodging when they were gone after.

This is an extremely twisty case. Everybody is too frightened to even think about talking. It appeared to be the dead young lady, Dina Hale, really liked her supervisor at the inn yet he is likewise AWOL. Dina’s home has been looked generally. At the point when they go to her managers home they find his place destroyed as well and he,an amazing marksman shot in the head. They need to find the other young lady, the one that took off. Josie at last has a thought that works out and they really do view as her – yet she, as well, is completely panicked. What are they generally scared of? Some thuggish looking men have been seen hiding in a dark SUV. Who are they? Also, what is everybody searching for?

There are many turns in this vivid spine chiller. Individuals will kill to keep quiet. Could Josie and Noah at any point figure everything out before additional individuals are killed? From the shocking opening introduction to the end this story is brimming with show and high stakes. There are savage men that will kill anybody who holds them up and a few young ladies trapped in something colossal they don’t have any idea.

Numerous series hit a wall before 15 books yet Lisa Regan has figured out how to keep this series new and energizing. This was my most memorable novel by Regan, and furthermore the main in her series about Josie Quinn. Regardless of whether I hadn’t perused any of the past books, it didn’t make any difference. The book portrayed what had occurred in past books really without getting in diverting me.