Book Review #5: Poopy Fingers Written By Kevin Donner



A personal journal by Kevin Donner describing his encounters of working in the superbly unusual universe of helped living. Following quite a while of moving around because of his better half’s occupation as an ensured doctor, Canadian figure Kevin Donner at last finds the work he believes he was brought into the world for in Seattle, Washington. He joins the Gleeful Meadows Assisted Living Facility situated in one of Seattle’s rural areas called Renton as an exercise chief. While dealing with Seniors living in the office, Kevin comes to know their bright characters and begins to really focus profoundly on their prosperity. Whether managing various difficulties that accompany Senior consideration, snickering at the absurd circumstances that he used to think of himself as in, or dealing with his expanding family, Kevin takes everything in his step and pushes ahead.


One individual’s record of working in the superb universe of helped living. Between the book’s covers are Donner’s encounters inside the office where he worked, scattered with scraps from his own life that together structure the image of a focused man. Most of Donner’s diary mirrors that and, as an individual, not a carer yet as a fair person, patients and staff were lucky to have him on their side. All told there are fourteen sections in the book that each hold another captivating chunk of unfiltered, unvarnished, and uncanny disclosures than the one preceding.



I cherished how Poopy Fingers features a few significant qualities we are disregarding as an animal varieties that appears to be more centered around materialistic qualities: great correspondence between various segment gatherings, caring for the prosperity of everybody and leaving no one out paying little heed to progress in years, and having a good time with others. Kevin Donner is very talented at tracking down humor in difficult circumstances, and I ended up roaring with laughter a few times all through my perusing. I partook in the significant bits of knowledge about both the great and the terrible things Kevin experienced in senior consideration, such as losing companions to advanced age and figuring out how to “walk the excursion” with maniacal seniors as opposed to opposing the truth. I unequivocally prescribe this book to anybody who knows a senior resident, lives with one, or works in the helped living industry. I adored it! Poopy Fingers is a splendid journal — interesting and convincing with a mixed taste that waits on like lemon juice.

As I read this book, something I carved out opportunity to do two or three evenings, my significant other continued inquiring as to whether I was perusing “that potty book”. Poopy Fingers is definitely not a potty book, despite the fact that Kevin Donner cautions us that a patient or two might have crapped in a pot. Poopy Fingers is an elegantly composed tribute about the creator’s time in support of ostensibly the most weak age bunch. Countless individuals served experienced different levels of dementia or Alzheimers, and the rotating entryway of staff was enlightening. I chuckled when an especially nimble patient was tracked down on the ground outside the office and was thankful for the assistance of a man entering. The man was a state government assistance evaluator reviewing the spot. Donner is a spouse and a dad and in portraying a ultrasound visit before his child was conceived he pondered, “Would he be pleased with his dad?” I don’t realize Donner yet in light of the pages in my grasp, the response is 100 percent yes.

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